Puppies, puppies everywhere!

This summer, I have finished 4 custom mosaic pet portraits.  Each one has a sweet story which adds to my joy in creating them.  I have already shown you Lizzie.  Here are the other 3.

Here is Nugget.  Sweet Nugget was rescued by his mommy from a hoarding situation.  He lived his first 3 years in a crate outside in the elements.  Now he lives the life he deserves as a pampered prince. 

The next one is Tucker.  Tucker is a sweetheart and very well loved by his mom who is getting married soon.  Her parents gave this to her as a birthday gift.  

Sweet Frasier crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently and his mom’s friend purchased his portrait for his parents.  Frasier was a blessing to his family for 15 years.  I loved absorbing his sweet loving spirit as I worked on his portrait.  We chose this photo to work from because we felt that he was smiling.