True Love – Chase and Charlotte

I recently completed this pet portrait of 2 of my favorite dogs. Chase, the Beagle/Basset Mix, was the soulmate of our Shepherd mix Jezebel. Chase and Jezebel spent many years running and playing together. Sadly both of them have now crossed the rainbow bridge. Now, Fred has a new love Charlotte. Charlotte is the beauty in the foreground of this portrait. We no longer live across the street from each other but Charlotte comes to stay with us often and she and our Millie are now soul sisters. I love seeing the second generation of best dog buddies. Fred’s mother commissioned this portrait of Chase and Charlotte for Fred’s birthday. What joy it brought me to bring these 2 loves of mine to life in glass.

Christmas Commission 3, 4 and 5

I did 3 pet commissions of dogs this year. As most of you know, this is probably my favorite thing to create because I love dogs so much. I finished a horse portrait for the first time so I will show you that one in a couple of days and have 2 beautiful Himalayan cats to complete in January.

Here are Bailey and Bentley – a Doodle and a Yorkie mix

Here is another Bailey. This Bailey is a very sweet female Irish Setter doodle. I had never seen one of these but she has more of the beautiful red in her ears and in her beard.

And lastly, this is sweet Paisley, who is a Border Collie. She was laying down and giving her mom her sweet, come play with me look.

Christmas Commission Reveal 2

Here is another fun piece that I made for another mom. She is going to hang this above her kitchen bar between the kitchen and the family room. I worked with her son and granddaughter to come up with a pink dogwood branch. This piece is 12 inches high by 36 inches long.

This photo is with the light coming in behind it.

This is a not great photo of it without the light behind it.

Yea! I can finally share what I have been working on.

This Christmas Season has been a fun filled time with lots of commissions. I have been dying to show you all the pieces I got to work on but couldn’t because most of them were Christmas presents. I still have 10 Pet Portraits and 3 other commissions to go. Here are some of the pet portraits.

Bentley is a Wheaton/Poodle mix, Buddy is a Yorkie, Lexie is a yellow Lab, Ruby is a Weimaraner, Sandie is a Yellow Lab, Leo is a darling mix maybe some Jack Russell/hound,

Ruby was a wonderful, loving Weimaraner who is very missed.


An Iris a day, keeps the blues away!

One of my customers commissioned an iris in beautiful shades of blue. I was so excited to do this piece because irises have always been one of my favorite colors too. I had it at the Southern Christmas Show and now have another commission for a second iris. Love getting to repeat a theme and work out all of my creative ideas on that subject. Here is her Iris.

Puppies, puppies everywhere!

This summer, I have finished 4 custom mosaic pet portraits.  Each one has a sweet story which adds to my joy in creating them.  I have already shown you Lizzie.  Here are the other 3.

Here is Nugget.  Sweet Nugget was rescued by his mommy from a hoarding situation.  He lived his first 3 years in a crate outside in the elements.  Now he lives the life he deserves as a pampered prince. 

The next one is Tucker.  Tucker is a sweetheart and very well loved by his mom who is getting married soon.  Her parents gave this to her as a birthday gift.  

Sweet Frasier crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently and his mom’s friend purchased his portrait for his parents.  Frasier was a blessing to his family for 15 years.  I loved absorbing his sweet loving spirit as I worked on his portrait.  We chose this photo to work from because we felt that he was smiling.  

For the Love of a Tree

This stained glass mosaic tree window has found it’s new home.  I love seeing photos of my work in their new home.  This one is now in my customer’s home in Southern Pines, NC.  Creating mosaics is my passion but the real joy comes when my piece finds it’s new owner and I get to see the joy on their face.  That is the greatest compliment that an artist can receive.  

For the Love of a tree