Christmas Commission Reveals!

I am so excited to let you have a peak at some fun things that I created this year for clients to give as Christmas presents. I had a wide array of requests this year which made it extra fun to create these.

Today’s commission is a special lantern that I made for a mom. It is the 4 seasons of cardinals. Each side has the cardinal in their natural habitat for that season. If you know someone who might enjoy having one of these, here is the Link to purchase one. This is the small lantern. I can also do it on the large lantern for $109.99 with free shipping.

The Puppy Love continues!

Still working on pet portrait commissions. There is nothing better in my book than mosaics and dogs so it is a win win for me. I am offering a class in Mosaic Pet Portraits on February 3 and 4. This class is an intermediate level mosaic class. If you have ever wanted to do a pet portrait, check for the class under workshops on this website.

Here are some more pieces that I have completed. Here is Sawyer. Sawyer is a Tibetan Terrier.

This sweet love with the come hither look is Blue. Blue is a jug dog. I had never heard of that until his parents visited me at the Valle Country Fair in Valle Crucis.

And last but not least. Here are Gus and Sidney. These sweet babies have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. They were the loving pets of some friends who were in Sheltie Rescue and had many foster pups over the years. But Gus and Sidney always ruled the house.

Yea! I can finally share what I have been working on.

This Christmas Season has been a fun filled time with lots of commissions. I have been dying to show you all the pieces I got to work on but couldn’t because most of them were Christmas presents. I still have 10 Pet Portraits and 3 other commissions to go. Here are some of the pet portraits.

Bentley is a Wheaton/Poodle mix, Buddy is a Yorkie, Lexie is a yellow Lab, Ruby is a Weimaraner, Sandie is a Yellow Lab, Leo is a darling mix maybe some Jack Russell/hound,

Ruby was a wonderful, loving Weimaraner who is very missed.


Santas and Snowmen Mosaic Ornament Class

On Thursday, November 30th, I had a great class for 20 fun loving, creative students. We made 2 mosaic Christmas ornaments each. It was so much fun to see what each of the students made. They were all wonderfully creative and different. Here are some of the ornaments that they made.

Here are the grouting instructions for those who wanted to grout their ornaments:

Grouting Instructions

Once your glue is dry, you will grout your project. You can buy grout at Lowes or Home Depot. You want to buy a sanded grout. The premixed is not as good as the dry. For glass on glass projects, I usually use the charcoal grout from Home Depot. Home Depot and Lowes both have charcoal but the Home Depot version is darker and closer to black.

Always wear a mask when mixing grout. You do not want to breathe the grout dust into your lungs.

Start with a smaller amount of water and add more as needed. You want it to be thick like peanut butter consistency. Once you have it at the right consistency, cover with a damp paper towel and let it sit for 10 minutes before using. There is a chemical reaction that has to happen in that time. When it finishes slacking during this 10 minutes, it will be almost cookie dough consistency. Stir it up again after the 10 minutes has passed. Once it is ready, spread it over your glass, filling all of the gaps. Let it sit for a few minutes until there is a haze over the grout. Then wipe it off with paper towels first. Then continue wiping gently until the majority of the grout is off of the glass. I will let it sit for about 15 – 20 minutes after this so it dries some. Then you can use a paintbrush to brush off the dry sandy grout. After a few hours, you can buff your glass with a soft cloth. If needed, I use Qtips dipped into a vinegar water mixture to clean the glass. I mix the vinegar and the water 50:50. This will shine and thoroughly clean the glass. Buff it well with a soft cloth.

An Iris a day, keeps the blues away!

One of my customers commissioned an iris in beautiful shades of blue. I was so excited to do this piece because irises have always been one of my favorite colors too. I had it at the Southern Christmas Show and now have another commission for a second iris. Love getting to repeat a theme and work out all of my creative ideas on that subject. Here is her Iris.

Stained Glass Mosaic Meetup

Last night was my Meetup group’s first class.  We met at Red Clay Ciderworks in South End Charlotte.  What a great place!  The staff are very accomodating and the cider is amazing!  One of the favorites was the Hallo Pina which is flavored with Jalapeños and Pineapple.  Sound strange but yummy.  We made Pumpkin and Leaf mosaics.  It was so fun to see what each person came up with.  They were all different even though they started with the same basic materials.  Next month’s Meetup is back at Red Clay and we are making mosaic Christmas ornaments.  Hope to see you there!  Here is the Mosaic Christmas Ornament Class Link

Puppies, puppies everywhere!

This summer, I have finished 4 custom mosaic pet portraits.  Each one has a sweet story which adds to my joy in creating them.  I have already shown you Lizzie.  Here are the other 3.

Here is Nugget.  Sweet Nugget was rescued by his mommy from a hoarding situation.  He lived his first 3 years in a crate outside in the elements.  Now he lives the life he deserves as a pampered prince. 

The next one is Tucker.  Tucker is a sweetheart and very well loved by his mom who is getting married soon.  Her parents gave this to her as a birthday gift.  

Sweet Frasier crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently and his mom’s friend purchased his portrait for his parents.  Frasier was a blessing to his family for 15 years.  I loved absorbing his sweet loving spirit as I worked on his portrait.  We chose this photo to work from because we felt that he was smiling.  

My Fascination with Trees

Do you ever get stuck on a theme?  For me, I often start on a subject and keep working in that subject over and over for a while.  The theme this summer has been trees.  Trees are such fascinating subjects for me.  The term “Tree of Life;” is so literally true when you think about all of the different ways that trees support life – form the majestic eagle down to the lowly termite.  I sold my latest tree to a wonderful family this past weekend in Banner Elk.  Their joy and excitement with it really rejuvenated me and my excitement.  They sent me a picture of it hanging in their beautiful home.  Here is their tree.  I am so grateful that they sent me this photo of it in it’s new home.  

Another tree that I recently completed was for a friend who wanted a tree with birds in it.  We recently hung this piece in her kitchen.  Birds are another fascination for me and I loved creating this piece for her.  

When I look at birds, my mind always returns to the Bible verse about God’s care for the sparrow.  During the Depression, my grandfather Pope had a small store that he ran in the community.  He was a very caring and generous man and he could not bear to see families going hungry so he continued to issue his neighbors food on credit even though he knew they could not pay him.  Eventually he reached the end of his ability to provide for them.  He was very distraught over how he would provide for his family of 8 people for whom he was the only provider.  While out in the field trying to start a new field, he set a fire to burn off the brush so he could plow.  One area of the field refused to burn even though it was thick with brush.  When he went to investigate the problem, he found a small nest of sparrows.  He fell to his knees weeping and praising the Lord because he knew that God had sent this to him as a sign that his family would be okay.  Because if God could protect these few sparrows, he knew God would protect his family.  I am very grateful for God’s protection and for the example of a godly grandfather who loved his family and loved his Lord.  Here is Libby’s tree window.