Lizzie is in the House!

Lizzie’s custom pet portrait is in process.  Once I get close to finished with a portrait, the sweet puppy or cat moves to my kitchen counter where I study it for a day or two.  What am I looking for?  Is there anything that bugs me when I look at it next to the photo, do I see something that I want to change?  In Lizzie’s case, I think she needs a little brown piece at the bottom of her white beard on the left and I am going to layer in a little bit of black glass in some of the lighter areas on her ears.  I think it needs a little more shadow.  Once I make those changes, I will send a photo to her mom and dad so they can see if they see anything that needs to be changed.  The pink glass is there because I am trying to decide which one will work best as her background.  Any suggestions from you guys?  I will be back in the next couple of days with the finished portrait so you can see what she looks like in all her glory!   If you are interested in a mosaic pet portrait of your fur baby, click Here.  

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